The mission of our schools is to equip every student with the knowledge, confidence, and character to succeed in college and beyond.

Our students will, from the earliest grades, steadily build a strong foundation of learning habits, critical thinking skills, and knowledge; excel academically in the middle and high schools; and graduate as confident young adults, prepared to succeed as college students, citizens, and leaders in their chosen fields.

Culture at Ascend

Experience Ascend's warm, supportive student culture which empowers student voice, builds agency, and fosters independence. Our Responsive Classroom approach perfectly complements our ambitious liberal arts curriculum.

School buildings at Ascend

Venture inside our beautifully renovated, thoughtfully designed, private buildings. Each Ascend school building has a unique story and is meticulously crafted to reflect our ambitious goals for our students.

Dedicated facilities

Ascend schools are not co-located with Department of Education schools. All our schools are housed in inviting, custom-built or newly renovated buildings where every design detail is chosen to communicate our high aspirations for teaching and learning at Ascend. In these spaces, school leadership teams can focus entirely on instruction and forging the school’s distinctive culture rather than negotiating a space shared with another school. Our school buildings engender a sense of pride and purpose in their communities.

High schools

In addition to pursuing a rigorous academic course of study, a central focus of the high school is the development of agency—students' belief that they are in control of their own lives and can act of their own free choices. This capacity will prove essential for college life, where freedom and responsibility will be exercised in a nearly complete absence of supervision.

More to come.

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