Join us for an upcoming Open House and Apply today!

Join us for an upcoming Open House and Apply today!

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Strong Academic Results

We are proud of our students for their performance in 2022-23 New York State Test. Ascend as a network outperformed all community school districts our schools fall within for both ELA and Math! Also, as a network, we outperformed all NYC boroughs in Math! We will continue to provide all students rich and challenging academics coupled with joyful learning experiences.

Literacy is not just a fundamental skill; it's a catalyst for anti-racist education and closing achievement gaps across subjects. We're dedicated to understanding our students' progress and enhancing literacy growth. New York State Assessments in Math and ELA for grades 3-8 are crucial for gauging their development and tailoring support. Recent results showcase our excellence, with 60% proficient in Math and 59% in ELA, outperforming NYC schools by over 20%.

Here are key takeaways:

- Consistent Growth: Two consecutive years of significant proficiency growth in Math and ELA demonstrate the effectiveness of our model amid the pandemic, affirming sustained success.

- Well-Rounded Learners: Closing the internal gap between Math and ELA signifies students excelling in both subjects, emphasizing the impact of strong literacy on diverse disciplines. Strengthened skills in sciences and humanities position them for greater growth.

Our recent achievements fuel our commitment to further progress. Despite challenges in the past years, we're tirelessly bridging learning gaps. New curriculums and the closed internal gap position us for even greater heights, reflecting our dedication to Brooklyn's communities.

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