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Ascend Schools Bring Out the Best in My Kids

Cheryl McPherson

October 17, 2022

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I moved to the US from Guyana 16 years ago. School was always a priority in my family, and I wanted my kids to go to a school that would help them be their very best.

I first heard about Ascend from some friends at my daughter Jasmine’s preschool. It sounded great, and the school was only 5 minutes from our home! After Jasmine finished preschool, I enrolled her in Kindergarten at Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School. Now she’s starting 7th grade at Brooklyn Ascend Middle School, and she is thriving.

Like me, Jasmine can be bashful. She initially was shy about speaking up in front of her classmates. The teachers at Ascend make everybody feel comfortable and welcome. When Jasmine’s English teacher, Ms. Abolo noticed that she was silently writing down her thoughts during a class discussion, she encouraged her to share them out loud with the class. That made Jasmine feel more confident speaking up and taking risks. She’s even planning to run for student council secretary this year!

Jasmine’s Ascend teachers are helping her explore new interests. She used to not enjoy science, but Mr. Thompson’s class has changed that. Recently, she got to do a hands-on lesson where she learned that bath bombs fizzing in water is caused by a reaction between baking soda and citric acid. She got to see what’s possible when she explores her curiosity with science.

Jadon is following in his sister’s footsteps by starting 5th grade this year at Central Brooklyn Ascend Middle School, after completing Central Brooklyn Ascend Primary like Jasmine. Jadon was originally enrolled at a different school in kindergarten where he did fine but wasn’t being challenged. I knew the teachers at Ascend could help him excel even more, so I transferred him there as soon as I could.

Jadon is a focused student. When he has homework to do, he gets about it. His teachers at Ascend have helped him expand his knowledge and skills. He especially enjoys math with Ms. Ramnarine, because she explains complicated concepts in a way that the whole class will understand. At first he found it hard to multiply and divide fractions, but she showed him how to do it and now he says it’s easy!

As a parent, I feel like I can always talk to the teachers at Ascend. They contact me whenever they have any concern, or to check in on my kids. If I need to leave a message for someone at the school, I know they will get back to me. Teachers communicate with parents in a way that makes us feel valued and appreciated.

My kids and I are very happy at Central Brooklyn Ascend, and I know people at other Ascend schools who say the same thing. If someone asked me whether they should send their child to any Ascend school, I would tell them, “Yes, you won’t regret it.”


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