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Passionate about a vibrant and joyful liberal arts education. Committed to providing a sure path to college for our students and families. Ascend’s schools open minds and open doors.

Discover the power of your voice at Ascend.

Before working at Ascend, I worked at a No Excuses school. I often felt like I was policing bodies, which sends the message that students' minds should also be constricted. But at Ascend, we empower our students to take ownership of their learning and support one another.

Ashley Roberts

Talent recruitment manager

Discover the power of your voice at Ascend.

I love the diversity at my school and how every student has teachers they feel close to. But most of all, I love how everyone is encouraged to be who they want to be. Debating in class allows me to voice my beliefs, and even when we disagree, everyone feels welcome and comfortable.


Middle school student

Discover the power of your voice at Ascend.

I chose Ascend over other public schools because of the excellent curriculum. My daughter is naturally shy, but the education she receives from Ascend empowers her to speak up. She has excelled academically: I see a major difference in her vocabulary and the way she carries herself.

Shamar Williston

East Flatbush Ascend parent

Discover the power of your voice at Ascend.

“I’ve always loved math and science, but STEAM club has gotten me more interested in engineering. When my college counselor told me about a summer program at Princeton where I could attend college level classes on artificial intelligence, I jumped at it. I applied and was accepted with a full scholarship!”


High school student

Discover the power of your voice at Ascend.

I came to Ascend to start "walking the walk.' At other schools, I saw the negative results of heavy-handed punitive systems and the overuse of suspension, and I felt in my heart that was no way to reach high achievement. Here, I had the chance to reinvent myself as a teacher.

Dan Sonrouillé

Director of high school STEM

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