Lefferts Gardens Ascend Lower

123 Linden Boulevard

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Join us for upcoming open houses for Lefferts Gardens Ascend Lower School. Open houses are hosted by Ascend’s student enrollment team and will last one hour.

Open houses will be held on the following dates beginning at 5:00 pm at Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School, 465 East 29th Street, Brooklyn.


Lefferts Gardens Ascend Lower School will open in the fall of 2019 to students in kindergarten and grade 1. The school will incubate for a portion of its first year at 870 Albany Avenue—the nearby, newly-renovated site of East Flatbush Ascend Lower School—before relocating to its permanent, newly-constructed facility at 123 Linden Boulevard a short distance away. The school will fully mature at this facility to enroll students in grades K through 4.

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