The Ascend Graduate Fellowship

If you’re graduating from college this summer or are a professional seeking to become a teacher, become an Ascend Graduate Teaching Fellow.

Program overview

This two-year program follows a gradual release model. Join in the summer in time for Ascend’s four-week New Teacher Institute, and begin with a part-time teaching load in your first year. As you develop essential skills and build your confidence you will gradually assume more teaching responsibility, and in your second year, take on your own classroom and a full teaching load.

Earn your Master of Arts in Teaching

Through the rigorous and highly-regarded Relay Graduate School of Education—an institution founded by leading educators from high-performing charter networks and Teach For America—you will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching upon completion of your two-year Ascend Graduate Fellowship.

As a member of Relay’s program, you will attend classes at Relay’s campus and online while teaching at an Ascend school. Ascend covers a substantial portion of the cost of your master’s education at Relay and your New York State teaching certification exams.

Ascend Graduate Fellows earn a competitive full-time salary with benefits throughout the two-year Fellowship.

Want to learn more?

See a complete schedule and description of program components.