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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Summer Teaching Fellowship has been suspended. To explore other opportunities at Ascend, please visit our careers page.

The Ascend Teaching Fellowship offers college juniors and seniors an unrivaled opportunity to join a select cohort of aspiring teachers who are academically accomplished, passionate about content, and driven to remake America’s schools. In your time at Ascend, you will have the opportunity to learn the art of teaching from experienced mentors and practice your craft in the classroom.



The Ascend Teaching Fellowship

As an Ascend Teaching Fellow, you’ll be welcomed to one of our summer school programs where you will receive an intensive orientation, participate in Ascend’s rich and collaborative professional development experience, and be mentored steadily by a seasoned mentor teacher in classroom pedagogical practices.

You will learn to use assessment data to drive instruction and be responsible for your students’ progress.

You will develop strong relationships with your students and families, and foster in your students the intellectual enthusiasm you experienced in school and that so enriches your own life.

While you’re at it, you’ll join a warm cohort of like-minded fellows and together enjoy a summer in New York City!

The Ascend difference

Ascend is a network of 15 public K-12 charter schools paving a path to college for 5,500 students in Central Brooklyn, one of the most educationally underserved areas of New York City.

By providing an ambitious and engaging liberal arts education in a warm and empowering culture rooted in the Responsive Classroom model, we aim to lead our students on a great intellectual journey, providing them with an exceptional education and placing them firmly on the path to success in college and beyond. At Ascend, a supportive community of highly knowledgeable educators embraces a culture of ongoing professional growth.

Central Brooklyn

In the communities of Brownsville and East New York, between 27 and 35 percent of adults have not completed high school, and only one in five has a college degree. Fewer than one third of students are found proficient on state tests in English—in other words, are reading on grade level. Education at Ascend is social justice in action.

Program overview

Hone your craft. Teach your passion. Experience Brooklyn.

Join other exceptional educators for a challenging and rewarding eight-week summer program in New York City. Experience teaching in an intellectually stimulating, collaborative environment in Ascend’s summer schools.

Beyond the summer

Become a full-time Ascend teacher.

At summer’s end, you may be offered a full-time, permanent position as a classroom teacher at one of our schools in Central Brooklyn, beginning the summer after you graduate for college juniors, and for the upcoming school year for college seniors.

Earn your certification and master's degree.

Upon college graduation and your joining Ascend as a permanent staff member, you may earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at the highly regarded Relay Graduate School of Education, an institution founded by leading educators from high-performing charter networks.

Candidate criteria

Candidates must be college seniors, expected to graduate in December 2019 or spring 2020, or college juniors expected to graduate in December 2020 or spring 2021.

After submitting a resume, personal profile, and responses to short answer questions through our application portal, applicants participate in a multi-round interview process.

Frequently asked questions

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    If I'm offered a permenant position at Ascend, must I complete a master's degree?

    If you join Ascend as a Summer Fellow, you will have the option of earning a Master of Arts in Teaching at the Relay Graduate School of Education.

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    Must I be certified to participate in the fellowship?

    No. If you join Ascend as a Summer Fellow, you will have the option of enrolling at Relay Graduate School of Education where you will apply for, and receive certification at the end of your program.

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    Am I able to select the grade and subject I will teach?

    We will place you based primarily on our schools’ needs, with your academic background and preferences taken into consideration.

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    In what city will I be placed?

    Summer school will be held on-site at one of our 15 schools in Central Brooklyn.

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    Is this a paid position?

    Fellows receive a generous stipend, a metrocard for local transportation, and housing at a nearby university at no cost. Fellows also have the opportunity to be offered a full-time teaching position at summer’s end. 

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    Do I need to be an education major?

    No. A major in education or prior teaching experience is not required for admission to the program. Rather, we are looking for intellectually passionate college students who have pursued rigorous studies in an academic discipline (including the humanities, the natural and social sciences, and mathematics) and are excited by the prospect of remaking urban education.

You're whom we're looking for.

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